BROKIG Men's Gym Zipper Hoodie, Active Muscle Slim Fit Hoody Hooded Sweatshirts with Two Zip Pockets (Medium=(Tag L), Dark Gray)

Product description

BROKIG MUSCLE FIT WORKOUT HOODIEYou've been looking for a multifunctional zipper for any type of athletic activity? Then your search has come to an end!Looks great, fits perfect. What do else do you want? You can even combine it with our gray sweatpants to create your own GA sweat suit. Check it out and enjoy the Fastdry Zipper with high-quality lasercut zippers and detailed cuffs with GYM logos.- In hot/humid conditions, as you sweat, the cotton fibers absorb the moisture and release it on the surface of the fabric so it can evaporate. In cold/dry conditions, the fibers retain body heat. We blended in Polyester for durability, and Elastane for added stretch.- Side split zippers designed to allow you to cool off in the warmer seasons, or to be easily layered during colder months.- Hard to top in design and cut, the Muscle Fit Zipper in the unique Gray and camouflage look.- Enough said, grab your Muscle Fit Zipper and head to the gym.Special Features:70% Cotton30% Polyester100% motivation-chargedwashable up to 40°Cwash with similar colorsWe present you the new grey Musclefit Zip-Hoodie.

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