Compression Pants Men's Tight Base Layer Leggings, Large , Black

Product description

Maximize Your Fitness Gains and Protect Your Muscles with Thermal Compression Pants from CompressionZ!Whether you're an avid runner, cyclist, weightlifter, or CrossFit enthusiast, you know firsthand how important it is to protect your legs from overuse or extended workout routines. CompressionZ Mens Compression Pants are comfortable, cool, and fitted to give you the perfect amount of support while running, hitting the trails, lifting at the gym, or staying on the move. These cycling pants for men keep your legs from chaffing while distance biking. Wear these mens workout pants as basketball tights or basketball leggings under your gym shorts.Product Details:Nylon (85%), Spandex (15%)BreathableMoisture-WickingForm-Fitting ComfortGraduated CompressionAllow Full Range of MotionJumpstart Your WarmupDesigned to enhance all your workout routines, these men's compression leggings help your muscles stay warmer while you're warming up and working out by improving your natural circulation. And because the leggings provide serious muscle compression, they help reduce injuries and recovery times, while helping keep you in the game longer.All-in-One Lower Body SolutionA great investment for your legs and entire bottom half, you don't need calf sleeves, knee sleeves, or thigh sleeves for these to work perfectly for your fitness needs. Just slide the base layer leggings on and let the compressive design provide everything you need to crush your diet plans, workout routines, and CrossFit WOD goals.

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