Mooncolour Mens New Arrival Casual Jogging Harem Pants, Black, Medium

Product description

Due to different monitor setting, colour may be slightly off. FAQs: Q1: Who is Mooncolour? Why is Mooncolour? A1: Mooncolour is cloth retailer with many years' selling experience. Mooncolour owns the design and keeps optimizing the pants per buyers' feedback. There may be review for products sold by other sellers below. For customers bought the imitation from other sellers on the same product page, as long as the customer sends Mooncolour the seller name, order ID, the pictures of the package and the picture of the products received, Mooncolour will send the customer one authentic from Mooncolour for free. Buyers are welcome to leave honest and unbiased review to real Mooncolour products. Q2: For the pants with 2 wild-open side pockets, are the pockets deep? A2: Yes, the wild-open pockets for the style 0020 are deep; deep enough for palm or phone. As the pockets are wild-open, stuff in the pocket may be taken or fall out during move. These pockets are designed specially for style 0020. Some customers consider that they are fit, cool and stylish while the others do not like it at all. Please be cautious on purchase. Q3: Do the pants shrink or pill after wash? A3: The possibility of shrinking or pilling is small as each pants has past the wash test before selling to prevent shrinkage or pilling. It is suggested that hand or machine wash in cool water, no bleach, hang drying. Q4: Are the pants elastic? A4: These pants can be strecthed a little. However, the elasticity is not suggested for size choosing. The pants are for slim fit. 1 size up is recommended for muscular shape, sturdy or plump shape. Q5: Will the drawstring fall off or lost in wash? A5: Some customers reported that the drawstring falls off or gets lost after wash. Please knot the string before wash to avoid the problem, especially for machine wash.

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